Prompt your mobile visitors

to rotate their Device


*This version is for intended for mobile layouts but will work in just as well on layouts for your desktop sites.

If you like RotateMe check out the extra functions you get with RotateMe Pro.


Options panel inside Muse for RotateMe widget

Will your Mobile Adobe Muse website
look better in portrait or landscape?

The power of this widget is in it's simplicity. Easy to understand controls

The RotateMe widget is designed to automatically detect the orientation of your visitors device.

Then display your own custom designed overlay If the user is not using the preferred orientation.

Once rotated to the correct orientation the message automatically disappears.

Try it out now! Stretch  the width of your browser to see the overlay

Quickly inform your visitors the correct orientation to view Adobe Muse Website

RotateMe | Adobe Muse Widgets

RotateMe Pro

Please rotate your device or
reduce the width of your browser


RotateMe | Adobe Muse Widgets