RotateMe Pro

Prompt your mobile visitors

to rotate their Device

Will your Mobile Adobe Muse website
look better in portrait or landscape?

The power of this widget is in it's simplicity and easy to understand controls

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RotateMe Pro gives you more options to remind remind your visitors to rotate their device.

The Pro version allows you to easily pin your overlay so everything stays where you expect.

Also added are 9 animations that were custom designed to smooth the transition between the overlay and displaying your page.

Try it out now! Stretch  the width of your browser  to see the overlay

Please rotate your device or
reduce the width of your browser

RotateMe Pro*


Quickly inform your visitors the correct orientation to view Adobe Muse Website

RotateMe Pro - Adobe Muse Widgets

*This version is for intended for mobile layouts but will work  just as well on layouts for your desktop sites.

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