ClicTrac 2

Use Google Analytic Events
on your Elements

Set-Up Video

Step 1
You need to have a Google Analytics account and the embed code already on your page.

Step 2

Create a button, or any other element that you want to track visitors clicks.

Step 3

After styling the element create and
name your graphic style.

Step 4

Drag out the ClicTrac widget  from the library.


Steps for creating a trackable click event

Sample buttons designed in Adobe Muse


Step 5

Add the name of your graphic style you want to track into ClicTrac

Step 6

Add how you want your Event to show up in google analytics. By setting Category, Action and Label.

Step 7

Go to Google Analytics to see the results.



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Options for ClicTrac
  • Google Analytic tracking Events
  • Use Muse Native Elements
  • Track category, Action and Label.
ClicTrac 2


  • * Version 2 Update

    Added: value as an option

    Bug fix:- An issue where ClicTrac was not reporting when placed above it's element

*This version is for Responsive and Adaptive Muse Website Designs

Finally a easy way to track your visitors downloads and set goals in google analytics.


Gain Valuable information on Actions your guests are taking on your website.


Use Adobe Muse for your design elements. Then simply add ClicTrac to embed a category, action, label and value*.



dooDadleWidget Works

Options for ClicTrac
Options for ClicTrac