Add Gradient Transitions Your Background

Option panel for Backblend an Adobe Muse widget

*This version is for desktop, tablet and mobile applications.


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Adding motion blends to Adobe Muse has never been easier


This widget will allow you to set a Blend transition in for your browser fill or other Muse elements.


Options include:

  •  Choose up to 4 distinct colors
  • Set the Angle of Gradient
  •  Set the speed of transition.
  • Updated - Set Transparency level
  • Updated - Use Muse States to add
    the effect

 Rollover Overlay

Normal State: Element Transparency 0%
Hover State: Element Transparency 100%

New Transparency Options


BackBlend - Adobe Muse Widgets


Backblend being used as an overlay to photo of girl in the snow
Backblend overlay on photo

Use BackBlend as an Overlay